Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Vintage Costume Jewellery...

American entertainer Josephine Baker (1906 - 1975), in costume for her famous 'banana dance'. Baker was an overnight sensation when she arrived in Paris in the mid-1920s.   (Photo by Walery/Getty Images)

Hello. One more book review today: 'Costume Jewellery' by Judith Miller. This is the definitive collector's guide for costume jewellery with full colour photographs. I use it all the time for my business, a beautiful book, and really useful if you're just starting out. What I love about vintage costume jewellery is that it is so well-made, available and affordable. You can buy yourself a piece of gorgeous jewellery for a reasonable price, or of course you can splash out on the more expensive creations. There are always exciting pieces to be found! I do have a few on my website, www.arabellabianco.co.uk, and I've also added some new rings to my website this week, all hand-made in India.

Details of all the books I've reviewed can be purchased through that stalwart of booksellers, Amazon. Details in the sidebar.

Have you got a book you'd just love to recommend? Please leave a comment and I'll publish your recommendation.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my book reviews, and I've helped you find something captivating to read over the summer holidays. Enjoy!


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Arabella Bianco said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, so glad you enjoyed reading my blog.

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