Thursday, 9 September 2010

Saturday Night at the Movies ... film reviews

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Hello everyone.  The school summer holidays were coming to an end, so I thought it would be great to watch a couple of DVD's.  We got in the snacks and drinks, let the films begin!

First up was Duel, one of my all time favourites, made in 1971 and directed by a 20-year-old Steven Spielberg.  He was allocated 10 days to make the film, but ran over time and actually finished in 13 days!  It was shot on the highways in California.

The storyline for this road movie is basically a truck chasing a car.  Dennis Weaver plays the salesman being chased (he did most of his own stunts), the film is full of suspense and absolutely gripping.

Second up was The Birds directed by Alfred Hitchcock.  Another of my favourites 'birds don't just go around attacking people, do they?'.  A real classic horror film made in 1963. 

Spoil alert!  My children didn't enjoy The Birds much, I guess their tastes are just too sophisticated these days 'the birds aren't really there, they've been superimposed'.  Still they found it good for a laugh (I don't think Alfred 'Hitch' Hitchcock would've been too impressed!).  I think I'll try Hitchcock's Psycho next time...

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