Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Kings and Queens of review

Portrait of James V of Scotland (1512 - 1542)Image via Wikipedia

Hi there. Searching through my bookshelves for some historical reference, I rediscovered this book about the Kings & Queens of Great Britain and Ireland from pre-Saxon times to the present. Originally I bought this book for my children, but when it arrived I read it from cover to cover, it was just so fascinating!

The description of each royal begins with the vital facts. Really interesting. Did you know James V, born 10 April 1512, had nine (known) illegitimate children, three of whom were born before he was 20? Well, he did only live until he was 30, and he was a king. That's him in the picture with a beautiful feather in his hat, just look at those gorgeous clothes, fashion of the 16th century!

An enthralling book with biographies, historical background and lovely colour pictures...
Collins Keys - Kings and Queens: The essential reference guide to the monarchs of Great Britain and Ireland  Buy from Amazon UK

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