Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Saturday Night at the Movies... 'The Incredible Journey'... film review

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Hi readers.  It was a huge success last Sunday at the Langley Park School for Boys Christmas fair, my first 'big do' of the Christmas season.  Popular buys were the vintage 60's/70's silver charms and vintage American indian style jewellery I had imported from the States.  I've got my new stock in now, including some unusual dog, cat and horse scarves, which brings me on to this wonderful tale...

I bought 'The Incredible Journey' DVD through Amazon, and we watched it on Saturday evening.  It's a bit of a weepy at the end.

This really is such a cute movie. Based on the book by British born Canadian author Sheila Burnford, I saw 'The Incredible Journey' as a child when it was first released in 1963. This Disney film was made on location in Canada, and stars three pets, namely Tao the siamese cat, Bodger the bull terrier and Luath the labrador.

A extraordinary story. Take a look at the early '60's fashions too, no jeans or t-shirts in sight!

'The Incredible Journey' is currently number 69 in UK Amazon's Top 100 Classics.

The Incredible Journey [DVD] [1963]  Buy from Amazon UK
The Incredible Journey (The Wonderful World of Disney)  Buy from
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