Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Big Business Break...

Have you noticed how many successful businesses have had a 'big break'?  The question is how to get the 'big break'.

Years ago I remember a colleague of mine complaining to 'the boss' about his lack of promotion.  He was told to be more visible.  His reaction to that was to come to work the next day wearing a bright pink shirt!

I was reading about Tory Burch who started her fashion business from home 7 years ago.  She appeared on Oprah's Next Big Things show, and had 8 million hits on her website the next day!  She's just opened her London store at 149 New Bond Street.

Have you got any Big Break stories?
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What I bought this week.

Amazing sheepskin slippers at a bargain price of £29.95 from Elm House Products. Sumptuous, gorgeous and cosy.

Sheepskin Classics!

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