Friday, 10 June 2011

@TheoPaphitis and #sbs

I follow @TheoPaphitis on Twitter because I'm a small retail business owner. So it wasn't before long that I entered Small Business Sunday, aka #sbs, on Twitter. The 6 best businesses according to Theo are then retweeted by him.  I haven't been in the 6 yet!

Last week someone tweeted 'PLEASE READ Mr P, you always RT the same types of business, #sbs Is it worth it?', to which Theo replied 'No I don't !'. Is there even the tiniest grain of truth in this?  Or am I just a bad loser?

How exactly does Mr P choose the 6? Does he do it himself or does he have helpers? There are hundreds of entries to go through. I believe the strapline of the tweet is the all important ingredient. According to my Google stats #sbs hasn't looked at my website.

Anyone doesn't know who Theo Paphitis is?  He is of course one of the millionaire stars of Dragons' Den.  Do you run a small business?  Good luck this Sunday #sbs'ers!

Something not everyone knows... Theo Paphitis is 51.

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