Friday, 14 October 2011

Getting started with vintage costume jewellery ...

Vintage Napier Cleopatra Necklace  £39
What I really love about vintage costume jewellery is that it is so well-made, available and affordable.  There are always such exciting pieces to be discovered at local antique/vintage markets!

Most vintage costume jewellery is unsigned, but with experience it is fairly easy to identify a piece.  If the jewellery is signed, it makes research alot easier.  There are many sources of information, but I find the Illusion Jewels website most useful.  It is an American site absolutely packed with facts about researching costume jewellery, including an indispensable A to Z of jewellery marks and signatures,

A couple of tips.  Pat pending dates a piece to pre-1955.  In 1955 the American copyright law was amended to allow jewellery to be copyrighted, and jewellery companies began to use the copyright symbol (a c in a circle).    

For an excellent solid background read the gorgeous book 'Costume Jewellery' by Judith Miller, which features many vintage collectable pieces.

By the way vintage is defined as 20-75 years old.  Anything older is antique, and younger 10-20 years old is retro.

Fun, glamour and style... the fascinating world of costume jewellery.

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