Friday, 16 March 2012

My week with Arabella Bianco

A fun week with Arabella Bianco
My name is Eliza and I have been doing my work shadowing placement with Arabella Bianco for the past week. It has been really worthwhile as I have gained many skills and knowledge that I did not previously have.

On the first day, I acquainted myself with Mailchimp in order to create the March 2012 newsletter. What I enjoyed most about this was the fact that I could track the success of the newsletter on Mailchimp by seeing how many people had opened the email containing the newsletter.

The second day was the highlight of the whole week. I got the opportunity to go to a marketing workshop with the owner of Arabella Bianco. I obtained a lot of new, useful information about marketing which I will be able to use in the future. In addition to going to a marketing workshop, I was lucky enough to design a returns form for the company. The company really liked my design and so have said they will use it in the future.

I was able to be very creative on Wednesday because I got to help the owner of the company design a new logo. Normally I am not very creative but I got myself stuck in and put forward ideas. Some were even incorporated into the new design!

Thursday was another creative day. I helped to create a YouTube video for the company. It was so fun! My creative juices were flowing again and the final product turned out like this: As well as this, I was introduced to Pinterest. This is a site that enables people to share things on the web. I used this to create a board for Arabella Bianco including pictures from and product descriptions. I had never used Pinterest before so it was interesting to learn how to use it and then go on to make an account on behalf of Arabella Bianco.

On my final day, I was lucky enough to give my input into the new website Arabella Bianco is designing. It was really exciting because I knew nothing about designing a website so it was really interesting to see how a company would go about designing a new website in order to re brand themselves. Moreover, I conducted two interviews to gain more information on how the company is run and how the employees got to the positions they are in now.

I would highly recommend taking up work shadowing with Arabella Bianco because you are able to get highly involved with the business and not just do menial jobs. I had a really great time on my work shadowing placement and gained many vital skills that I can use in future jobs.

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