Monday, 1 July 2013

The Beginning of Men's Fashion Magazines, a guest post by Glenn at False Image

I thank Apparel Arts for paving the way for CQ magazine.

So you ask yourself what is Apparel Arts? Between the heyday of men`s elegance in the 1920s and 1930s emerged a publication that paved the way for much later magazines such as Esquire, Men`s Health, and many more.
Apparel Arts was a mens fashion magazine aimed primarily towards wholesale buyers and retail sellers. Apparel Arts could be described as an undeniable source of information for people in general in an era where mens fashion made sense.
Esquire surfaced  two years after Apparel Arts which added to the innovative idea of a men`s fashion magazine. Apparel Arts continued to carry the torch until 1957 when it converted into a quarterly magazine operated under Esquire, Inc.
The following year the name and logo was dropped, and so was born today’s Gentleman Quarterly known as GQ. I guess you can say GQ has always held the perfect message involving fashion, and as well all the things that make up our own lifestyle.

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