Monday, 5 August 2013

Gold or Silver Jewellery?

Guest post by Sharon @ thewonderbegins.

You may have heard of determining whether you look better in gold or silver jewellery depending on your skin tone? The vein test. If your veins are more blue, then you are cool toned and silvers tend to suit you more, whereas if your veins are more on the green side, then you are of a warmer skin tone and golds and bronzes are more of your colour. And if you have blue-green veins, then I guess you are neutral-toned and suit both!

I am warm-toned myself, but my everyday-jewellery staples are a silver bracelet watch and a circle silver pendant on a silver chain. Silver tends to be a colour which I feel matches easier with my outfits, but gold definitely compliments my warmer skin more, and from time-to-time I like to wear gold or bronze, or it can depend on the colour of the hardware on my handbag!

So do you prefer to wear gold or silver jewellery?


iida at Decades of Elegance said...

What a lovely post and such a great topic! It is also very funny as my blog post today is about the beauty of silver and gold joined together in one single piece of jewellery, and not having to choose either one ;)

I adore gold jewellery at the moment but I feel that it has changed, as I used to be more about silver a few years ago. Gold and turquoise are my grandmother's favourites and with all the pieces I have from her the love has really rubbed off on me.

iida x

Arabella Bianco said...

Hello Iida,

Many thanks for your kind comment. I love this week's post too, it was written by our talented intern Sharon!

I wear mostly silver or white gold now, of course always vintage or vintage inspired.

I really like a mix of gold and silver, it can be worn together with such great and unusual effect.

Best Wishes, Lesley x