Monday, 18 May 2015

How to Plant a Mini Bluebell Wood!

I love wild flowers, and one of the most stunning sights at this time of year is the bluebell wood!

From Wikipedia - 'Bluebell woods may be found in all parts of Great Britain and Ireland, as well as elsewhere in Europe. Bluebells are a common indicator species for ancient woodlands, so bluebell woods are likely to date back to at least 1600'


Buy your British bluebell bulbs!  I ordered 100 from Shipton bulbs, which is a wonderful company that sells bulbs and plants suitable for the nature garden,

Choose your location, bluebells thrive in the open or shade, in any well-drained soil.

Roughly clear the area of  'weeds' (unwanted plants!).

Scatter your bulbs randomly to create a natural effect, and plant about 5cm deep and 15cm apart. I planted mine in October.

Enjoy soon!

Why not start a wild flower garden and help our wildlife!

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