Monday, 29 June 2015

My Impressions of Arabella Bianco

This post was created by Gerald, our work experience student.

I have been working for Arabella Bianco for the past week for my work experience! When I first arrived I was skeptical as to what I would find and what I would be required to do. The fears faded away as I met new people who were friendly and people who I would not normally talk to. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone and gave me a chance to grow my social skills.

I learnt how to do blog posts such as this and how to post instagram and facebook posts that looked professional. I think I achieved this with the posts that I created. The owner of Arabella Bianco helped me when I was unsure and was supportive throughout. Everyone was friendly when I needed help and encouraged me to go further. This helped me to transition myself to a growth mindset.

My first phone call that I had to answer was extremely nerve wracking. For some people picking up the phone to strangers is second nature but for me it was a very new experience. I stuttered and paused on my first phone call but as I began to repeat the process it became natural. This was also my first time in a work environment outside of school. It opened my eyes to what running a business entails and how a work day normally functions.

To conclude, my week at Arabella Bianco was an experience I will not forget. It truly gave me an insight into a work environment, and how a work day functions. Taking me out of my comfort zone brought new challenges and helped me to gain further social skills. Thanks to Arabella Bianco for letting me pursue my work experience at her shop!

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