Monday, 22 June 2015

Vintage Costume Jewellery - Avon, Christian Dior and Monet

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When you purchase an item, you wear it, enjoy it and love it! However, has anyone ever wondered what the history of the piece is? Perhaps there is something you never knew. Perhaps it has a history of well influenced owners or perhaps you can find out more about your favourite jewellery. Well we are here to help give you some history of some of the items that we offer.

Avon  - Best known for cosmetics, Avon began designing costume jewellery in 1963 as free gifts to go with their perfumes.  Avon started selling jewellery separately in 1965. However Avon was not widely collected and Kenneth J.Lane designed some pieces for AVON from 1986 to 1995. These pieces were marked with K.J.L.

Christian Dior - Traditionally known for their haute couture, Dior was founded in 1946 by the designer Christian Dior.  It was not until 1950 however that Dior began to make costume jewellery to match his clothing collections. Always well made, Dior has been one of the most successful couture companies to this day.
Monet -  Monet was founded in 1929 by Michael and Jay Chernow. By the 1980's Monet was producing jewellery for Yves Saint Laurent. The key to collecting Monet is to buy the older pieces that were made in the last 2 decades. These are the most valued and sought after.

This post was composed by Gerald, our work experience student.

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