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How to Wear Vintage Brooches ...

Vintage Mask Face Brooch by Gontie

Be inspired to wear a beautiful vintage brooch this Christmas! Back in February our favourite blogger Decades of Elegance ran a brooch wearing challenge. There are plenty of lovely modern ways to wear a vintage brooch! 

Looking back at our February Brooch Wearing Challenge
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Opal and Diamond Brooch from Richard Ogden in the Burlington Arcade
Opal and Diamond Brooch from Richard Ogden in the Burlington Arcade – we adore! What a lovely month February has been!  I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I started the Brooch Wearing Challenge a month ago, but it turned out to be such a wonderful little jewellery journey, with so much positive feedback – and so many fabulous brooches!

Vintage Silver and Marcasite Brooch, Decades of Elegance
Vintage Silver and Marcasite Brooch, Decades of Elegance
A friend of mine who is a beautiful opera singer was really excited to hear about it, and said that she always struggles to find brooches that will go with her performance outfits.  “A brooch is perfect to fasten a scarf with over an evening gown, but you just don’t see them around these days!”  Fortunately I was able to direct her to the vintage fairs and antique shops for some stunning brooches that are just waiting to start a new life with a new owner!

Vintage Cameo Brooch from Decades of Elegance
One of our lovely readers shared her vintage cameo brooch with us

Vintage Cameo Brooch worn with a Blouse
Another way to wear a cameo brooch 
It has also been lovely to talk to vintage and antique dealers who sell brooches, as they often have an abundance of brooches and know so much about them – and can give you great tips as to how they could be worn!

And this little experiment has also reinvented a bunch of my own outfits, as they go through such a transformation when a brooch is added!

Scottish Vintage Brooch with a Green Stone, Decades of Elegance

My woollen dress got a whole new life when I added this Scottish vintage brooch
from the Decades of Elegance collection

Gold Coloured Vintage Brooch with a Pearl  
A Romantic Gold Coloured Vintage Brooch with a Pearl

Vintage Chanel Brooch, Red Lips, Marilyn Monroe style

From the blog post Day 2 of the Brooch Wearing Challenge – Vintage Chanel Brooch 
And what better way to revive some old Hollywood glamour, than wearing a vintage 
Chanel brooch and red lipstick – as shown here by another one of our lovely readers?
So thank you all for taking part in this lovely challenge in so many different ways.  And it doesn’t of course stop here – feel free to send over your photos of you wearing a brooch whenever you like so that we can all enjoy a bit of beautiful jewellery and get some new style ideas!

So my dear, take out those old brooches that have been sitting at the back of your jewellery box, and reinvent them!  On Wednesday we will take a look at all the different styles that we have seen here on the blog throughout February, and hopefully you will get buckets of inspiration on how to wear your own in the most fabulous way!

Arabella Bianco joins our Vintage Brooch Wearing Challenge
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Arabella Bianco Vintage Gold Plated Bird of Paradise Brooch
 Vintage Gold Plated Bird of Paradise Brooch
And so the Vintage Brooch adventure continues, and today we are joined by Arabella Bianco, who is sending us some vintage brooch-inspiration from the golden days of Hollywood:

Hedy Lamarr wearing a brooch
Hedy Lamarr wearing a beautiful brooch just below the collar of her blouse
Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr’s Hollywood-career spanned the 1930s, 40s and 50s.  She was discovered by Louis B. Mayer – film producer and co-founder of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios (MGM) – and Louis and the studio cast her as “the world’s most beautiful woman”.  In the photo above she is wearing a spray brooch, which sits beautifully just below the collar of her blouse.  This is a lovely way of wearing a brooch, as it adds a sweet little detail to a blouse that might not be so exciting to start with!
I wore a cameo brooch in a similar way the other day in the antique shop:

How to Wear a Brooch - vintage cameo brooch worn on the collar of a blouse
Vintage cameo brooch worn on the collar of a blouse

Joan Crawford wearing a brooch
Joan Crawford wearing a brooch
Above we can see another imaginative way of accessorising an outfit with a brooch; in this instance an LBG worn by Joan Crawford.  She signed a motion picture contract, also with MGM, in 1925, and starred in many successful movies during the Great Depression – often portraying hardworking women who eventually found success and love.  Her career took a few hits after a strong start, but recovered an reached an all time high in 1945, when she won an Academy Award for Best Actress in Mildred Pierce.
We simply love the way the brooch becomes a part of her outfit.  Brooches with a prominent centre stone set in an beautifully designed mount just have such a classic look to them.
Vintage brooches from Arabella Bianco, Grays Antique Center, London
Vintage brooches from Arabella Bianco, Grays Antique Centre
… and here is a selection of Arabella Bianco‘s beautiful brooches, so that you can recreate your favourite iconic styles of these Hollywood starlets!

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