Thursday, 1 April 2010

Reminiscing...about the high street

circa 1975:  A customer browsing at Biba's, Kensington Church Street, London.  (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)
Hi everyone, I just created a blog today, and this is my first post!

Do you remember the high street in the 70s? Maybe, maybe not. It was all small boutiques. I especially remember Biba selling babydoll mini-dresses. The decor was all black walls, fairy lights and a black metal spiral staircase. There were other shops like Martin Ford that sold acrylic intarsia twin sets (I had these in bottle green and plum) and gunmetal tights. Quite a contrast to today's high street!

This little paragraph was inspired from reading about Celia Birtwell (who was married to Ossie Clark), in Grazia magazine. Her beautiful fashion collection is available from John Lewis.

"Nothing happened in the sixties except that we all dressed up."
John Lennon

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