Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The blogosphere, moths and London! A random post

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Hi to you in the blogosphere. I haven't had feedback from my last post, so I guess either you all approve of my posts, or you're the strong, silent types! Comments are very welcome.

We bought a moth trap a while back and had our first go last Saturday and incredibly we caught about fifty moths. In the UK there are 70 butterfly species, but about 2,500 species of moth and identification can be a problem, we did manage to identify a few! Our favourite was a pale lemon swallow-tailed moth, which could easily be mistaken for a butterfly, wonderful.

Are you visiting London this year? Why not try a bus tour. We finally got round to doing the bus tour a few years ago and it's unmissable. Visit www.bigbustours.com for information. Or try a guided London Walk, we do these throughout the year and they're a fascinating insight into the life and culture of London, visit www.walks.com for information. Have you got a place of interest you can recommend in London?

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