Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Shining Stars of Langley Park School for Boys

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Hello everyone. The summer concert 'Langley's Got Talent' at the school was absolutely stunning (and I can assure you I'm not easily pleased). First up was James Brown's 'I Feel Good' and I really believe this group of boys led by lead singer Zak could go very far. Zak's wild afro hair, skinny pale trousers and black shirt certainly led the style. The other highlight of the evening was Chris King who sang and played 'Take a Bow' and also performed 'Man In The Mirror' as part of a duet. Chris could truly be the next Michael Jackson.

Every single performance was fabulous, there was an amazing rendition of 'Johnny B Goode', and I could go on. This showcase concert was a rare experience to enjoy the wide variety of incredible talent at the school. These students must be at the leading edge of performing arts in this country.

Simon Cowell eat your heart out, you need to get straight down to Langley Boys, forget the X Factor and all those other shows!
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