Friday, 17 February 2012

The Secrets of Personal Style for Men, a guest blog from Style Pilot

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How to improve your fashion sense

Avoid the pitfalls of shopping in a hurry.

Who are you?

Shopping habits and conversely the style and fashion of men is too often driven by snappy shop window displays and what adorns the first few rails inside the shop door.  Men find it very easy to slip into “that’ll do” attitudes when it comes to shopping.  The sooner that attitude is beaten the quicker you’ll be on your way to an improved sense of fashion and style.

Know yourself and make a swift decisions around your style and the look you want.  Are you going to religiously follow the latest trends?  Or perhaps you’re going to maintain a vintage style while making small additions to your wardrobe from the latest styles.  Your look becomes an extension of who you are so it’s important for it to be a true reflection of the person underneath.

Inject some life!

Chances are that if you’ve been a “that’ll do” type in the past, your wardrobe will be as exciting as a rainy day at the seaside.  I’m imagining lots of basic denim, with plain t-shirts which were purchased as part of some “5 for £20” blanket offer which you thought seemed a great idea at the time.  If that explains your wardrobe, then boy you have some work to do!  It may surprise you that we won’t implore you to throw away your basic t-shirts, but you do have to start making them work harder to create a gorgeous look for you.  Adding a bit of life into a tired and drab looking wardrobe can be straightforward.

Using the basics

Try to keep the pairs of jeans you own down to a few.  The more pairs of jeans you own, the bigger variety you need and the more money you’ll spend needlessly on extra clothes that you probably won’t wear that much.  The same can be said for shoes.  As a rule, if you can keep the number of pairs of shoes down to the same number as jeans, then you’re onto a winner.  If you have one excellent pair of shoes that goes with all of your jeans then you, sir, are a fashion hero!


Unlock the secrets of a great wardrobe immediately with carefully chosen add on items which will truly round off and enhance your great look.  Stylish accessories can make the difference between the ordinary and out of this world!

About Stylepilot: is the first personal style engine for men – Style Pilot aims to help men navigate and master men’s fashion. It’s an automated stylist that gives personalised recommendations based on their physique and preferences. Style Pilot searches through 1000s of online men’s brands and retailers to find the best matches.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair coming up ...

Our first 'big do' of the year will be Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, at Old Spitalfields Market, on Saturday 3 March.  We're doubling up our stall with even more fab goodies, including two new amazing lines.

Here's how to wear a few of our items, a nostalgic look:

Art Deco Style Diamante Bracelet  £24.50

Real Sheepskin Collar  £35

Vintage Style Turban  £9