Friday, 21 September 2012

A Marilyn Monroe Auction ...

This lovely amber necklace was in the auction

On my wanderings around the internet I found this fascinating article about Julien's auction of Marilyn Monroe items in the summer of 2009.

Have a view of the auction catalogue, Marilyn's items start on page 86.

I think you will find the whole catalogue mesmerizing, as there were many other Hollywood legends articles for sale including Ann Miller's.

Julien's previous catalogue included many Elvis items!

Friday, 14 September 2012

A snapshot of our jewellery stand ...

A snapshot of our jewellery stand!

Our premium jewellery is in the display box. At the moment we have two vintage sets, one by Panetta (faux pearl and rhinestone) and the other is Pennino (faux pearl and gold plate).  They were both Italians who emigrated and formed their own costume jewellery companies in New York.

Beneditto Panetta emigrated in 1901 and after working for Trifari and Pennino set up his own company in 1945. He made replicas of fine jewellery and the slogan of the company was 'if it didn't look 'real', it went back to the drawing board'. Jewellery was produced using the finest quality materials and limited production runs and was therefore always expensive. The company was sold in the 1980's and closed in 1995.

Frank Pennino emigrated in 1926. He was a master craftsman and used the finest quality rhinestones and crystals mounted in gold plate or sterling silver. Each piece was an exquisite imitation of the real thing. Pennino ceased trading in 1966, at which time all the jewellery moulds were destroyed.