Monday, 30 September 2013

Arabella Bianco vintage style and American Muscle Cars! A guest post by Scott

What might appear an odd comparison, Arabella Bianco and American Muscle cars, first impressions can be deceiving!! In today’s market American Muscle cars are some of the most sought after cars in the world. 

Arabella Bianco prides itself on seeking out quality unique vintage jewellery from around the world. Like American Muscle Cars, Arabella Bianco’s jewellery selections often have an interesting history and conjure up the glamour and romance of the exciting vintage fashion era.

Couple these finds with outstanding during and after customer care, you cannot go wrong with Arabella Bianco as your one stop shop for quality vintage jewellery with a difference!

Pontiac GTO circa 1960s

What Makes American Muscle Cars So Special?
The history of the American muscle car was rather short, but these great cars made quite an impression on people- they're even more popular today than when they were first rolled off the assembly line. The true muscle car era only lasted about a decade, but its legacy has endured in the fact that these cars are some of the most sought-after in the world.
In the strictest definition, a muscle car is one that was built from 1965-1973, and it has a V6 or a V8 with a medium-size chassis. Muscle cars usually have masculine, aggressive lines, and sit low and wide. Most don't have the best handling, but they all have one thing in common- lots of power and speed. Within these short eight years, major American car manufacturers all competed to build the fastest and most aggressive muscle car; the battle continued onto the drag strip.
A couple of years after WWII ended, thousands of soldiers came home and the baby boom generation started. Back then, cars were inexpensive, slow, and didn't look very good. They served a purpose, and recreation wasn't it. However, starting in 1964, things began to change. Pontiac debuted the GTO package, based on its Tempest with a V8 motor. The new vehicle was powerful and fast, but that wasn't enough for Pontiac. They wanted it to be attainable for the average worker. The GTO package was so well-received that it soon became a separate line, and set the bar for automotive performance at the time.
Not to be outdone, Ford debuted its Mustang in 1965, and in less than two years, the car sold 1.5 million units. In subsequent years, heavier cars such as the Super Bee and Roadrunner became the norm, but none attained the popularity of the Pontiac GTO. The end of the muscle car era came about in the mid 1970s as insurance companies began raising premiums for these fast cars, due to a high number of accidents. The fuel crisis of the time also encouraged drivers to bypass the muscle car.
Although the muscle car era ended over three decades ago, these cars still hold a special place in the hearts of many Americans. They will only increase in value as time goes on, and they are special because they are a good investment- not to mention a blast to drive!
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Monday, 23 September 2013

Are you a Marilyn Monroe fan?

I discovered this fascinating story by Melinda Mason, author of Facebook page MarilynGeek

"I still have to pinch myself whenever I look at this hanging on my wall.  It is a cancelled bank check from Dec. 19, 1950 completely filled out in Marilyn's own hand...  read more

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Post Office Tower, back to the 60s!

The Post Office Tower (now the BT Tower) was completed in 1965, and was London's tallest building.

It has the most wonderful revolving restaurant which was closed to the public in 1980. The restaurant is now used for the occasional corporate event.

 I would love it to be reopened!

Monday, 2 September 2013

3 Ways to Know it's Vintage Clothing ...

A great article from the lovely vintage expert Sammy Davis, 'How to Identify Vintage Clothing Labels in a Thrift Store' (charity shop to us in the UK).